Saturday’s Powerball sits at $250 Million

By admin December 14, 2017 17:45

Saturday’s Powerball sits at $250 Million

Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot was sitting at $229 million, but it went without any top prize winner. So, there is a rollover of the prize money. The winning numbers for Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017, drawing were 02, 24, 28, 51, 58, and Powerball number 07. To win $2 million, no ticket holders were there to match five main numbers and the Power Play. Five players managed to match five main numbers and won $1,000,000 each. A no-winner drawing increased the Powerball jackpot to $250 million. So, a life-changing $157.7 million (as cash value) is on offer. Go and get your ticket if you have not purchased your ticket yet.


Here is the list of 15 states with maximum number of winners 


State Power Ball Power Play Total
Connecticut 10,227 5,008 15,235
Illinois 22,387 4,036 26,423
Indiana 14,355 3,087 17,442
Iowa 7,005 2,636 9,641
Idaho 4,351 1,327 5,678
Georgia 22,959 2,896 25,855
Florida 59,289 18,436 77,725
Dist. of Columbia 1,581 307 1,888
Colorado 7,915 6,423 14,338
California 104,274 0 104,274
Arkansas 2,620 2,282 4,902
Arizona 17,413 2,982 20,395
Kentucky 11,468 1,863 13,331
Kansas 6,127 911 7,038
Delaware 3,310 580 3,890


USA Powerball lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in the United States. It offers two weekly drawings on Wednesday and Saturday. To participate in any Powerball game, an aspirant is required to invest $2 each. If you are living in the Illinois State, you can get your ticket from any of the 8,000 retailers available in the state. You can also use Illinois Lottery’s mobile app to get your ticket. Online ticket buyers are invited to check If you are keen on winning the jackpot or any non-jackpot prize, you are urged to prefer computer picked numbers. As per the heads of Multi-State Lottery Association, more than seventy percent winning tickets were selected by computer.

In 2017, there are seven Powerball jackpot winners so far. An anonymous player from Indiana won a jackpot in February and collected $263,511,438.99 as a lump-sum payment. Mai Xiong from Wisconsin won a jackpot on March 22, 2017. He collected $93,114,002.73 as lump-sum cash. Another anonymous player from Arizona won a jackpot on Saturday, April 1, 2017, and collected $36,452,004.86 as lump-sum cash. Jeff Lindsay from California scooped a jackpot on June 10, 2017, and collected $279,175,254.46 as lump-sum cash. Mavis Wanczyk, a hospital worker from Massachusetts, conquered a jackpot of $758 million on August 23, 2017. She has collected $480,500,936.39 as lump-sum payment. Judy F. from Colorado won a jackpot on September 16, 2017. She had collected $84,607,397.29 as lump-sum cash. The $191 million jackpot was scooped by a player from Louisiana October 25, 2017. The winner has not claimed his/her prize yet. He/she can collect $191,100,000.00 annuity or $119,492,684.81 as lump-sum cash.

By admin December 14, 2017 17:45
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