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SuperLotto Jackpot

SuperLotto Plus is a California-only lottery game styled as Mega Millions lottery draw. SuperLotto Plus drawing is held twice a week on every Wednesday and Saturday. The game was introduced as California Super Lotto in 1986. However, in 2000, the name was changed to SuperLotto Plus. The starting jackpot of the game sits at $7 million (annuitized) with a cash option available for winning ticket holder.

While the cash option usually is chosen, the SuperLotto Plus annuity is graduated. From May 11, 2013, drawing, the advertised annuity jackpot, similar to that of Mega Millions, represents a 30-payment graduated annuity stream, partly in response to low long-term interest rates. Previously, the first payment was 2.5% of the annuity value of the jackpot. The second installment was 2.7% while the remaining 24 payments were increased by 0.1 percentages yearly resulting in the final (26th) installment representing 5.1% of the annuity.

To decide the winner five numbers are selected from a set of 47 balls, with a Mega Number chosen from the second set of 27 balls. Meanwhile, this Mega Number is not the same gold-colored ball in Mega Millions, which also is known as the Mega Number.)

Moreover, Starting in 1986 with its “6-49” game that became a 53-number game in 1990, and then changed again, to a 51-number game, the California Lottery has offered many jackpot games. The California Lottery’s highest payout of $193 million was split by three tickets on February 16, 2002. Other big California Lottery jackpots include $72 million in 2007 and $56 million in 1995.